Frequently Asked Questions
Why isn't the picture updating?
Occasionally, due to software, hardware or weather related problems, the picture may fail to update. Be assured that we are aware of, and attempting to resolve the problem, and will be
back online as soon as possible.
Did the camera angle change? I can't see the pier!
The camera position never changes. If the pier is not currently visible, it is because of local
weather conditions such as rain, fog or snow.
Why can't you make the picture bigger?
Because the camera is approximately mile from the pier, the image degrades unacceptably
if it is enlarged.
I was at the beach yesterday afternoon. Can you send me the 3 p.m. picture
from yesterday?
Because our cam images are saved for 24 hours only, we are unable to provide images from
past days, weeks or months.
Attention e-mailers!
We do not open unsolicited e-mail attachments.
Messages with attachments are automatically deleted.